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Industrial Applications for Laboratory XAFS
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X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) spectroscopy is a powerful materials characterization technique that has historically been underutilized in industrial applications. The reason for this stems largely from XAFS measurements only being available at synchrotron x-ray sources, a model which is ill-suited for routine applications in R&D, quality control, and process monitoring. The recent emergence of high-performing, laboratory-scale XAFS instruments, however, are set to change all of that.

Download this white paper to delve into the recent development of laboratory-based, synchrotron-quality XAFS systems that are revolutionizing the field. These reliable, in-house analytical instruments are rapidly expanding access to XAFS, opening up exciting new possibilities for catalysis, electrical energy storage, heavy element chemistry, mineral extraction, and many other industrial applications.

Key Objectives:
  • Understand the capabilities of modern laboratory spectrometers for X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) measurements.
  • Explore example industrial applications in electrical energy storage, catalysis, and heavy metal chemistry.
  • Look towards the future of specialized sample environment integration and control software customization.
  • Learn about the unique strengths of XAFS measurements and how XAFS fits into the larger landscape of analytical x-ray techniques.

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