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Concept to Commercialization: The Role of CDMOs in Driving Pharma Innovation Through Phase-Appropriate Technology Transfers
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Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) are crucial in driving innovation within the pharma industry. Companies are increasingly leveraging the expertise of CDMOs through technology transfers to foster innovation and accelerate the growth of new drugs.

Technology transfer is essential at various stages of drug development, from preclinical phases to commercialization. This white paper highlights the significance of CDMOs in advancing pharmaceutical development and discusses the benefits of collaboration for efficient, cost-effective and high-quality drug development processes.

Key Objectives:
  • What is a ‘technology transfer’ between originator and CDMO
  • The technology transfer cycle from preclinical to commercial stage
  • How to initiate the technology transfer process
  • How a CDMO can ensure continuous improvement in their technology transfer
  • Factors affecting a successful technology transfer

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