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The secret to creating delicious, allergen-free food
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The food industry is shifting to meet increasing consumer preference for allergen-free, plant-based, or flexitarian diets. Plant-based milks, such as almond and oat milk, have gained significant market share, and so have gluten-free foods—even among individuals without sensitivities. But making an ideal alternative milk or bread that doesn’t sacrifice taste or texture is hard.

Learn how focusing on choosing high-quality ingredients, fortifying formulations with essential bioavailable nutrients, and using additives like gums to achieve the desired texture and taste helps food manufacturers make allergen-free food taste delicious.

Key Objectives:
  • Identify commodity ingredients that are essential for nutritional fortification of plant-based milks
  • Learn about the major challenges when creating alternative milks and gluten-free options (e.g. texture and color), and how food companies address those
  • Learn about the different variables that food chemists can control to create allergen-free products that consumers will enjoy enough to buy

Brought to you by:
Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp.
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