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Quality Control of Hydrogen
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This e-book contains a wide variety of analysis methods and applications for quality control of hydrogen during its various stages of development and storage. This includes various analysis methods for hydrogen itself as well as methods for the catalysts that are used to manufacture hydrogen and the hydrogen carriers and tanks that hydrogen is stored in. As hydrogen’s use as a fuel slowly becomes more common, quality control will become more important. We hope that these applications are useful in tackling that challenge.

Key Objectives:
  • Trace impurity analysis of hydrogen in various states.
  • Analysis of hydrocarbons, inorganic compounds, and carbon monoxide.
  • Analysis of ammonia, toluene, and Methylcyclohexane.
  • Observation, testing, and analysis of pipe and gasket integrity.
  • Evaluation of catalysts and MEAs (Membrane Electrode Assembly).
  • Observation and testing of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resins, composites, and polymer materials.

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