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Close proximity: Advanced techniques for characterizing molecular interactions
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Studying protein interactions at a subcellular level is essential for advancing life sciences research, understanding the underlying mechanisms of disease, and developing new therapeutics. But many traditional methods for studying these interactions have constraints that prevent researchers from comprehensively connecting interactions to cellular function. Commonly used techniques have limited sensitivity or selectivity, leading to results containing many interactions with lower confidence of being relevant to the intended target.

Now, a new tool for protein proximity labeling maps protein-protein or protein-small molecule interactions within a 4nm radius of a target protein. This ebook explores how micromapping can support discoveries in fundamental biology and pharmaceutical development.

Key Objectives:
  • Challenges with current approaches to mapping protein interactions
  • How micromapping labels protein interactions with precision
  • How you can easily incorporate micromapping into your research
  • How micromapping can be used to advance basic life sciences research as well as drug discovery

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