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Accelerate Scientific Discovery with HPC and AI
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Chemistry and materials science research and development is undergoing rapid changes as digitization opens a new path to accelerate innovation. Advanced digital tools include high performance computing, artificial intelligence, and future quantum supercomputing.

Join us to learn how Azure Quantum Elements can help to accelerate scientific innovation with agility, power scientific breakthroughs, and adapt to today's evolving pressures while pioneering the products of tomorrow.

Key Objectives:
  • How cloud-based high-performance computing and artificial intelligence can scale and speed discovery in materials science.
  • How the artificial intelligence capabilities of Copilot in Azure Quantum can help researchers be more productive.
  • How future quantum supercomputing can increase the accuracy of quantum calculations and what tools are available today.
  • How industry innovators adopted Azure Quantum Elements to transform their research and development.

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Microsoft Corporation
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