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Using Synthesis and Route Design Technology to Approach API Complexity
Brought to you by Lonza Small Molecules

The increasing complexity of small molecules entering the drug development pipeline is a real challenge, not least because the synthetic routes to make them are often long. This adds to the issues facing process chemists as they look for a cost-effective and high-yielding synthesis for scale-up and commercialisation. Supply chain complexity is a knock-on concern that can also add to costs. Taken together, these issues mean there is a significant risk that development timelines may not be met.

As a result, computer-aided synthesis design technologies (CDSTs) have been developed to assist in finding the most effective synthetic route for a given molecule. In this white paper, we look at how our two companies have worked together to develop a retrosynthesis process that meets the needs of process chemists in Lonza’s Preclinical Route Design group. It combines Elsevier’s Reaxys technology with Lonza’s real-world experience and supply chain insights. The result is a route scouting service that is already helping to mitigate API complexity and accelerate small molecule drugs’ route to market.

Key Objectives:
  • API synthesis
  • Computer-aided synthesis design technologies
  • Pharmaceutical process development
  • Synthetic route design
  • Retrosynthetic analysis

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