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Biobased Innovations in Action: Carboxyline® CMI's Versatile Applications in Autodish, Laundry, and Surface Cleaning
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Cleaning products need to be sustainable, eco-friendly, and perform well. Traditional ingredients perform well but are not sustainable. A lot of sustainable formulations lack the cleaning power of traditional formulations. Cosun Biobased Experts produces a performance enhancing ingredient that is plant-derived and enhances the performance of both detergents and hard surface cleaners.

Carboxyline® CMI a versatile ingredient derived from inulin, a natural polysaccharide found in plants. Carboxyline® CMI offers a unique combination of anti-scaling, sequestration, and dispersing properties. It is an anionic functionalized biopolymer capable of boosting the performance of detergents and hard surface cleaners.

Key Objective:
  • Carboxyline® CMI has shown to be an effective solution to improve anti-spotting and anti-filming performance in auto-dish, provide anti-redeposition & anti-encrustation action in laundry and enhanced stain removal in hard surface cleaning. By embracing this innovation, the industry can meet consumer demands for effective cleaning solutions while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Brought to you by:
Consun Beet Company
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