Overcoming Key Challenges in PROTAC Drug Development: From Synthesis to Bioavailability Enhancement

July 9, 2024
8:00 a.m. PDT, 11:00 a.m. EDT, 16:00 BST, 17:00 CEST- Duration: 60 Minutes


Pharmaceutical development of PROTAC (Proteolysis Targeting Chimera) molecules presents significant challenges due to their complex molecular structures, leading to low yields, scalability issues, and poor aqueous solubility. These complications affect both synthesis and formulation, slowing down drug substance and drug product development. At WuXi STA, we leverage our extensive chemistry expertise coupled with a comprehensive toolbox of bioavailability enhancement technologies to address these challenges.

Our approach begins with optimizing synthetic routes using enabling technologies such as biocatalysis to tackle issues including low yields and poor crystallization behavior. In parallel, we employ advanced drug delivery and formulation technologies to enhance bioavailability.

Join us in this webinar to explore a case study where we accelerated PROTAC drug development and enabled IND filing within 12 months for a PROTAC molecule involving a 24-step synthetic process, low yield, and low oral bioavailability (F < 1%). Gain valuable insights into our technical strategies and solutions for advancing PROTAC candidates efficiently.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Strategies to optimize PROTAC synthesis using enabling technologies like biocatalysis
  • Formulation technologies to enhance PROTAC bioavailability
  • Gain insights from a case study where a 24-step synthetic PROTAC molecule with low yield and oral bioavailability (F < 1%) was successfully advanced to IND filing within 12 months
Who Should Attend:
  • Drug developers working on PROTAC molecules
  • Medicinal chemists and process chemists seeking strategies to optimize synthetic routes
  • Formulation scientists and drug delivery experts

Brought to you by:
WuXi AppTecWuXi STA, a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec


Chong Chen,
Director, API Early Phase Process Development,
Kinsley Zhao, Ph.D.
Director, Developability and Formulation Research (DFR),
Kelly McSweeney
Contributing Editor,
C&EN Media Group


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